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About RJMS

Red Jacket Middle School (grades 6-8) offers a comprehensive, integrated, relevant and standards-based program that challenges and supports the ever changing needs of our young adolescents. We are committed to remaining current with research, the State’s Standards, updating our curriculum based on data trends, delivering stimulating instruction and engaging in frequent, open communication. We work in partnership with our colleagues, students and parents to provide a shared, team oriented, challenging, positive, and nurturing educational experience.

Our small, friendly school atmosphere allows easy access to teachers, the school counselor and principal. Through thoughtful scheduling, our core teachers have common planning times in order to engage in professional dialogue to address individual student needs. This time also provides parents with opportunities to meet with the grade level teams to actively participate in their child’s educational program. Our teachers are committed to routinely updating their electronic grade book, which allows parents to confidentially access their child’s grades on the Parent Portal for each subject area. Students and parents are encouraged to access homework through the student agendas or teacher's Google Classroom pages.

Based on meeting eligibility requirements, we offer an Accelerated Program, a variety of Academic Intervention Services (AIS) and are sensitive to the needs of students with disabilities. All our students are scheduled into a 9th period class called Advisory Mondays-Wednesdays. This class is designed to provide instruction to improve performance on State Assessments –it is a form of AIS or enrichment depending on the needs of individual students. This additional instructional/learning opportunity coupled with our curriculum development process and high level of communication has helped to substantially improve overall student achievement at the middle level.

On Thursdays, during 9th period, our students are engaged in clubs of their choice. Some of the clubs we offer are: Newspaper, LINKS (service oriented club), Student Council, School Beautification Club, Video Editing Club, and Game Club and much more. Club days are lively and it allows our staff to develop even stronger relationships with our students. We also offer a variety of evening Student Council sponsored activities, such as dances and activity nights.

Student reward and recognition is important to us at the Red Jacket Middle School. We provide an opportunity for students to attend an annual 8th grade trip to such places as Washington DC or Boston. We recognize students for good behavior and at the end of the school year sponsor a behavior reward activity or field trip. Students are also recognized monthly by being selected Student of the Month based on character and effort, or recognized weekly for being caught doing a good deed and earning a PRIDE Point. We have an annual Awards Ceremony to celebrate the hard work of our students for achieving high honor roll, honor roll, or certificate of excellence. We work collectively to foster an environment that values excellence in character and academia.

Our classrooms are bright, inviting and many of them overlook a beautiful courtyard; they contain up to date text books, literature, on-line resources and state of the art instructional technology. Our staff is dedicated, caring and committed to the overall development of our students. They can often be seen supporting our students at sporting events and numerous activities outside of the school day. We are proud of our Middle School; we love our students and hope to inspire them to reach their fullest potential.